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A dedicated server provider founded in 2008 with focus on providing dedicated servers with metered plans. As the name suggest, their most popular product is a dedicated server with a 100TB traffic cap on a 1Gbit/s or a 10Gbit/s uplink. They have since upgraded to providing dedicated servers with a 10 Gbps uplink, however the maximum transferrable traffic is limited to 1PB. They offer to launch one of their pre-configured machines through their portal in less than 50s.

  • Features
  • Server monitoring by Server Density is available for $7.50/month.
  • With basic server you will get setup and ongoing support only with limited help. If it needs a lot more time to sort then you are billed separately.
  • Backups up to 400GB.
  • 1 Gbps network comes with 100TB bandwidth as standard.
  • 1 IP address for free. According to the support, /27 subnet costs $64 and is only purchasable when there is enough IP addresses available.
  • offers a network attached storage of 30GB.

Number of datacenter locations: 26
Number of transit providers: 4
Network capacity worldwide: 2,8 Tbps

Pros: Fast delivery of pre-configured servers.
Cons: Maximum 1PB of monthly transferable traffic per 10 Gbps server. Unfriendly support.


DataPacket specializes in bare-metal dedicated servers for businesses with high bandwidth needs. You can choose from two options Intel E3-1230v5 or E5-2620v4. Each server is fitted with 10 Gbps uplink ports which are unshared - fully dedicated. Recently, DataPacket started to offer servers with 40 Gbps network interface ports. Metered plans comprise 100TB and 300TB of traffic, the rest of the plans are unmetered. For customers in need for more server combinations, there are special bundle prices. Founded in 2014, DataPacket has deployed over 5.000 servers to date. DataPacket operates a high-capacity network with 100GE port connections. It currently offers its services across 14 Datacenter locations in the US, Europe and Asia. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

  • Features
  • Unmetered plans for 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 Gbps traffic.
  • 5 usable IP addresses are provided for free.
  • 7-day trial for $99. All trials are with unmetered 10 Gbps bandwidth.
  • Payments are possible in three currencies - USD, EUR, GBP.
  • Advanced custom network services - BGP and Anycast are available at all locations.
  • Free internal network within the same datacenter.
  • A proactive traffic divergence in case of anomalies on affected paths.
  • Servers in EU & US delivered within 8 hours.

Number of datacenter locations: 14
Number of transit providers: 5+
Network capacity worldwide: 6 Tbps

Pros: 7-day trial with no commitment - pay as you go. Support and account managers with faces and names - not anonymous chat support.
Cons: Two CPUs to choose from.

An infrastructure solutions provider offers self managed as well as managed dedicated servers. For servers with 10GE uplink ports, you will be charged $75 more. Pricing for traffic plans are set for plans up to 200TB, whereas for businesses which don’t expect the throughput to be more than 100Mbps, there is an unmetered plan.

  • Features
  • Load balancing starts from $99/month.
  • There are two backup storage options - FTP/sftp storage and R1soft backup.
  • offers Cisco and Netgear firewalls from $99/month.
  • A proactive fully managed server option can be order for $89/month.
  • Litespeed Webserver lease licence for 8 CPU is available for $92/month.
  • 5 IP addresses included.
  • Offers Cisco and Netgear firewalls.

Number of datacenter locations: 2
Number of transit providers: 4
Network capacity worldwide: 600 Gbps

Pros: Unmetered plans for 1 and 10GE uplink ports without any restrictions.
Cons: Only available at two locations.


BudgetVM specializes in virtual server and dedicated server providing. A custom dedicated server setting is only available upon request or with advanced and high performance configurations. BudgetVM uses Supermicro hardware which, as the company claims, can be deployed in under 10 minutes on average.

  • Features
  • BudgetVM’s offer includes best value configurations, advanced configurations and high performance configurations whereas best value configurations can’t be adjusted to your needs.
  • LSI Raid Card w/BBU is purchasable with a RAID configuration of your choice for $40/month.
  • You can get a full server management for $50/month.
  • Real-time Reporting and Monitoring is for free.
  • 5 IP addresses included in the price.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Number of datacenter locations: 4
Number of transit providers: 8
Network capacity worldwide: 200 Gbps

Pros: DDoS protection of up to 10 Gbps/10M PPS for free.
Cons: You have to create an account on their website in order to configure your dedicated server. Live chat is not available 24/7.

FDC Servers

FDC Servers offers colocation, dedicated server, VPS, CDN and IP transit services to its customers across the US and Europe. FDC Server’s servers are unmanaged. A backup storage available at a location of your choice can be added for reduced price. For 10GE uplink ports you can choose from a plan with or without restrictions. For 20 and 40GE there is only a plan without restrictions available.

  • Features
  • FDC Servers can install any Linux OS version that you like if you let them know the prefered one.
  • RAM can be upgraded with most of the servers except for the Server 1 package (Xeon 3450), whereas 16GB RAM is the maximum.
  • Each dedicated server comes with 2x /29 IPv4 addresses, additional IPs can be purchased for $2/IP per month or your own IP block can be routed for $100 one-time fee.
  • Interconnection between two dedicated servers can be done for free, more servers will require a private switch that can be rented for $30/month.
  • Delivery time is normally 24-72 hours depending on location and specific requirements.

Number of datacenter locations: 13
Number of transit providers: 5+
Network capacity worldwide: 10 Tbps

Pros: 100 Gbps outbound with no restrictions.
Cons: Customers complain about not announced downtimes and a missing live chat support.

Hivelocity is a multi-service provider operating in the US with two datacenter locations (Atlanta and Tampa). It was founded in 2002 and is now managing more than 10.000 servers. Hivelocity offers both managed and unmanaged rentals of dedicated servers. The maximum bandwidth plan they offer is a 1 Gbps unmetered. Standard offers are metered plans with 20TB and 100TB metered traffic. You can choose from pre-built and custom dedicated servers. Hivelocity promises to deploy your customized dedicated server within 24 hours.

  • Features
  • Save 20% of the price by annual payments.
  • Internal network with 1 Gbps uplink for free (10 Gbps for $49/month).
  • DDR4 RAM capacity of up to 1024GB.
  • A huge range of control panels to choose from.
  • Load balancing for up to 6 servers for $499/month.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server - improvement of your web server’s performance (8 CPU LSWS Enterprise License $ 99/month).
  • 1 Gbps internal network for free.
  • WHMCS - all-in-one client management, billing and support solution for online businesses (unbranded license for $18 month).
  • Further addons - HW firewall by Juniper, daily backup & rapid restore, cloud storage (up to 2TB), data migration.
  • 1 IP address included.

Number of datacenter locations: 2
Number of transit providers: 8
Network capacity worldwide: 382 Gbps

Pros: Fast delivery of pre-configured servers.
Cons: Only present in the US. Maximum of 1 Gbps bandwidth.


With more than 260 000 servers scattered over 20 datacenters is a French company OVH the third largest hosting company worldwide. OVH deploys and manages its own fiber optic network essentially based on a Cisco platform. OVH equipment is assembled and tested by the company itself, so is the water cooling system of each server. OVH offers a bandwidth upgrade up to 20 Gbps per customer and datacentre to switch onto other providers networks.

  • Features
  • Payments for dedicated servers are possible also on a weekly basis.
  • OVH’s orders can be filtered according to the purpose of your server which makes the selection easier.
  • OVH’s vRack service enables your OVH services to be connected via one or multiple VLANs for some dedicated server models.
  • Free anti-DDoS protection.
  • Extended backup capacity of up to 10TB for $80.
  • You can choose from 90 operation systems available for installation via control panel.
  • IP load balancing for multiple datacenters starts from $13/month.
  • For customers with short period network load peaks, OVH offers a burstable bandwidth on servers connected on 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps which is ideal for email and buzz marketing campaigns.
  • 7-day trial price range of up to $109 per server.

Number of datacenter locations: 27
Number of transit providers: 5+
Network capacity worldwide: 10 Tbps

Pros: Server availability at certain locations within 120s upon order.
Cons: Usage only up to 3 Gbps per server and a missing live chat support.


Primcast claims to specialize in professional streaming services. Its network is designed to serve especially customers from streaming industry, with high demand on low latency and global coverage. For better performance and speed, most of the Primcast servers are equipped with SSD SATA and SAS SSD drives. For graphics processing, rendering, virtualization and streaming, Primcast offers Nvidia GPU dedicated servers and for live video an own content delivery network.

  • Features
  • Custom configurations are delivered within 4 to 24 hours and are only available for three server models.
  • As for additional options, you can order live media streaming software of your choice (including Red5 and Nimble Streamer for free).
  • Primcast offers iLO access management on all servers.
  • As for the backup storage, you can choose 2 HDDs in RAID 1 or you can add CDP backup for $30/month.

Number of datacenter locations: 2
Number of transit providers: 4
Network capacity worldwide: N/A

Pros: Up to 256 IP addresses can be ordered.
Cons: Only one location in the USA and one location in Europe.


An IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service provider focusing mainly on cloud hosting solutions. Leaseweb offers all kinds of hosting-related services, including dedicated servers which it currently manages over 80 000, making the company from the Netherlands one of the biggest dedicated server providers worldwide. Bandwidth is billed on metered, unmetered and 95th percentile basis. For most of the bare-metal servers there are two options to choose from in terms of delivery time - instant (ready in one hour) and fully customizable (ready within 5 days). You can choose from two network choices - premium network assuring fully redundant links to multiple TIER I carriers, and volume network as a cost effective alternative with port aggregation.

  • Features
  • Some custom dedicated servers available only at certain locations.
  • Customed servers are ready in one hour.
  • There are 5 options for SLA - basic includes 24hrs response time, free 24/7 phone support and HW replacement in 24hrs.
  • Backup storage in 5 locations of your choice.
  • Hardware Loadbalancer - Kemp LM-2400 for $230
  • Email & SMS monitoring option available.
  • You can save 16% of the price by 36 months payment.

Number of datacenter locations: 44
Number of transit providers: 5+
Network capacity worldwide: 5,5 Tbps

Pros: An extensive network across Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
Cons: Most offers come with volume network (connection to one or more default TIER I transit providers).


A Canadian hosting provider offering its dedicated, managed server, cloud and web hosting services across the USA and Canada. ServerMania’s racks are fitted with dual 10GE uplinks. With its avilable 1 Gbps uplink port and up to 100TB traffic plan ServerMania is better suited for web applications than businesses with burstable excessive traffic like video streaming providers.

  • Features
  • Instant deployment option promises fast delivery which is only available for Buffalo DC.
  • There is no discount by annual payments.
  • Essential DDoS protection of up to 1 Gbps is for free (up to 40 Gbps from $960).
  • 5 usable IPs are included.

Number of datacenter locations: 4
Number of transit providers: 5+
Network capacity worldwide: 300 Gbps

Pros: All servers are customizable.
Cons: The customer support on live chat is not very responsive and is incompetent.

A dedicated server provider from Germany - - serves its customers from 6 locations including Europe, the USA and China to date. With its 1 and 10GE (majority being 1GE) uplinks,’s servers are rather suited for customers with lower bandwidth needs. offers load balancing services to internet service providers with high server performance requirements.

  • Features
  • 1GE uplink port includes 100TB burst bandwith which can be used for additional traffic for no charge.
  • Use of the whole subnet has to be justified if ordered.
  • Devices in an internal network are connected via private internal layer 2 connection. An internal network costs €10/month.
  • Maximum time for deployment is 24 hours. An express delivery can be arranged upon request.
  • Uplink up to 1Gbit/s.
  • Management software for additional €20/month.

Number of datacenter locations: 6
Number of transit providers: 6
Network capacity worldwide: 350 Gbps

Pros: Express delivery can be arranged upon request. A friendly support.
Cons: No plans for bandwith-intensive businesses and expensive addons (backup storage 400GB for € 30).


Worldstream is an ISP from the Netherlands with an international reach, also specializing in providing dedicated servers. There is a possibility to rent your server from Worldstream first and gain a full ownership after 24 months. Unmetered traffic is set for 1, 10 and 40Gbit/s uplinks.

  • Features
  • Worldstream offers a SLA Deluxe-Support within 15 minutes for € 225 per month. A regular payment period is 1, 3, or 6 months, whereas 1 month payment is only possible upon a setup fee of € 49.
  • Management SW - DirectAdmin LifeTime License for € 69.
  • Backup storage of up to 1TB.
  • Worldstream offers a DDoS protection of up to 750Gbit/s upon request and monthly payment. The list prices are set up to 100 Gbit/s limit for €899 per month.
  • If you need some additional protection, you can purchase a Threadstone Cyber security check of systems and equipment connected to the internet in three versions for up to € 18,25 per month.
  • 1 IP address included. All additional IP addresses for €2.
  • Idera Backup Enterprise backup storage of up to 1000GB (€107.5 p/m).

Number of datacenter locations: 4
Number of transit providers: 4
Network capacity worldwide: 1,5 Tbps

Pros: Capacity-intensive offers - 40GB uplink with 40 Gbps guaranteed speed.
Cons: Uplink for metered plans only up to 1GB.